Food Safari by Asavari

Our Food Safari is managed and overlooked by our Co-Founder Nupur.
Nupur’s passion for serving her guests and commercial kitchen began with the opening of our first hotel. She created a hallmark of dishes and created multiple happy memories for our guests with her cooking which she does purely from the heart. Her style of food preparation and presentation is and has always been inspired by simplicity. One of Nupur’s unique traits is her way of incorporating the guest’s preferences in the style of her cooking as she believes that the satisfaction and experience that her guests have is always of the utmost importance. Her inspiration to grow and to be able to fuel her passion is one of her favorite sayings by the American Chef Julia Child “ The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” She works alongside her food and is always evolving and inspiring her team of chefs while aspiring towards the next level. As of today she works towards organizing:

  • Transform your Food Revenue
  • Theme based Food Festival
  • Food Consulting & Marketing

With Food and Beverage (F&B) becoming a major contributor to one’s positioning on the map, boutique hotels rely on their F&B to portray them as the destination which creates a sense of fascination on the part of guests and generates a fulfilling experience for both parties. Our food safari is an extensively planned module which oversees; Quality Sourcing, Food Preparations, Market Research & Input about Local Dishes, Presentation (visual and serving), Hospitality and the wholesome Ambiance of your Space. Our aim is to uplift the dynamic value of your space. Connect with us.

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