We started Asavari Hotels and Camps with the absolute thought of hosting an experience which is beyond one’s expectations, something unseen, something unexplored and packing away memories that last a lifetime. After 2 decades of practice in marketing and branding Luxury Heritage Hotels across Rajasthan, we started our journey with an 1864 Built Lodge in Nainital in the year 2016.
As we move close to completing 6 years in the industry, we’re equipped with having served 10k+ guests with our unique food experiences and safari in various forms, having planned multiple day expeditions and vacations. As of now we’re offering Food safaris, Tailor made trips as per your requirements and Private Camping trips in the Thar Desert. We will soon be starting a community program centered in the Thar Desert where our focus is to equip the children with emerging new technologies and online education so that they can have an equal footing in the world.
Two of our most exciting products this season are, Private Camping in the Thar Desert and Monsoon Car Rally exploring the Western Ghats set in and around Chikamagalur; the terrains, their special Coffee Estates and a wholesome Self Driving Trip aligned with the concept of “no rush”.

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