Asavari Chikmagalur TSD Car Rally 2021
30 August 2021

Asavari Chikmagalur TSD Car Rally 2021 is intended for both professional and amateur level drivers to navigate through with ease. We’ve designed the route through Chikmagalur’s various Coffee Trails and scenic landscapes during the monsoon season offering an unforgettable 155KM driving experience. Our route shall remain undisclosed till the morning of 30 August 2021 (Day 3), to challenge the navigational and driving skills of the participating teams.  For any support needed during the course, our expert support team will always be available on call and on check posts to guide you and help you with routings.

Now a few pointers to explain what exactly a TSD rally stands for –

  1. Time – Speed – Distance these are the three elements around which the whole experience of a rally is structured, they’re essentially designed to test out the coordination between the Driver and the Co-driver, to check the mental agility and how in-sync the driver is while driving with a set of instructions that closely monitor the performance within a set course. For the route and navigation the teams are provided with a Road Book.
  2. Navigation is an integral part of a TSD rally. The route remains a secret and the teams must use the SR Book provided to reach the end. During the course, a speed limit may be imposed in various parts of the path and must be adhered strictly. On the track, there are secret checkpoints which observe the time and speed to calculate your pace. Penalty points are applied accordingly. Penalties for going faster than the specified times are generally double than going slower. The route is monitored by the crew to calculate the ideal time. The penalties are reduced for matching the ideal time.
  3. There is no North, South, East or West – the direction of your nose as you approach the instruction point is the one that you must follow.
  4. There is a saying that a road book is always correct. Despite of whatever odometer you are using, you will have to correct your drift figures with the road book figures. An accurate clock is another essential item.
  5. Information about the speed to be maintained is given at the start of the rally or at the checkpoints in between. As per the TSD rules in India, average speeds are kept below 45 km/h.

While in theory this may seem easy, in practice it’s a different kind of quest. The aim of this rally is to enjoy, with the Monsoon season upon us we’re hoping for an overcast sky to add an extra bit of thrill.  The rules and the explanation above may seem intimidating but don’t worry join us for an adventure awaits in the hills of Chikmagalur!

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